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Meet the Staff of Voltaire Crown Autos LLC

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Jean Max Voltaire - Owner

918-853-4793 - vcrownautos@gmail.com

Hello, my name is Jean Max Voltaire, president and CEO of Voltaire Crown Autos. It's been my great joy starting this company. As the owner of this company, I am committed to selling top-quality and reliable used vehicles at competitive price. I have been in the car business for eight years and my sales manager for over 23 years. Our experiences make us a great team to lead Voltaire Crown Autos to success. Our plan as a team is to continue to develop an excellent working relationship with local dealers and auctions to help our customers save money in their car buying experience. Our approach to reaching customers is different; our clients deserve the best, and it is our goal to serve and make sure they are happily satisfied with our customer service and their vehicle decision. My commitment is to provide a pleasant and easy-going environment for customers to enjoy their car buying experience. My goal is to be the number one choice for the customer because of service and price. Your vehicle buying matters to me, and it's my pleasure to assist you in getting the right car for you and your family! I hope your experience with Voltaire Crown Autos is exceptional!

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Gaylan Brown - Your Car Consultant

918-645-3904 - yourcarconsultant@yahoo.com

Your Car Consultant, is dedicated to not only providing our clients with reliable transportation, but ensuring that regardless of ones financial circumstances that we are able to obtain the loan to allow you to purchase a vehicle. It is our firm belief that by obtaining a vehicle, ones social and economical standing can be improved. Your Consultants missions is accomplish this by assisting you through the entire vehicle purchasing process. We are the central hub for many dealers and finance companies which gives Your Car Consultant access to more vehicles and financial options for your benefit. By teaming up with dealers such as Voltaire Crown Autos and financial institutions like Western Sun Federal Credit our success in helping you is greatly improved. If you wouldn't go to court without lawyer don't go purchase a vehicle without Your Car Consultant. Contact us at 918-645-3904 for more information.

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